I live in constant fear of being attacked by an angry banana~ Luke Hemmings
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To the girl he chooses; →


Congrats! He chose you. He loves you. He cares about you. Take care of him please. Kiss him when he’s mad, hold him when he’s stressed. Let him know he can trust you. Make sure he’s comfortable around you. Tell him you love him every single day, just to make sure he’ll never forget. Appreciate the…


5/? of my favorite 5sos keeks

"Walk my way Mrs. All American."


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i bet that when harry goes golfing he doesn’t actually golf, he just prances around the golf course singing “bet on it” at the top of his lungs


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Friendly reminder that US fans are not the only ones who mob or disrespect the boys. 

Friendly reminder that it’s happened multiple times in the UK and Australia.

Friendly reminder that not every American is rude.

Friendly reminder that North American recognition and support is extremely important to the album’s and band’s success, too.

Friendly reminder that not all Americans suck.

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